The blacksmith, Arnolds Krafts, bought this house in 1986 from an old lady with the oddest surname he had come across – Armisdalis. At that time the street was given the Soviet border guards’ name. During “the Awakening times” the street was given its old name – Kalēju iela (Blacksmiths’ street). It is a coincidence that on the street where once apparently lived and worked Liepāja blacksmiths now today’s blacksmith lives.

There was no need for the house with number 8 to be afraid that it would be pulled down like a hovel. The house had found an owner who could see the treasures of the past. The Blacksmith knew - people feel good in a place where calmness dominates and which is surrounded by the things made with love.

The Blacksmith now beats his hammer very seldom, but the anvil still stands in a place of honor in the yard. The blacksmith’s hand-made things are seen all around – hammered candlestick, fire place accessories. After all – the whole house has been renovated by the Blacksmith’s own hands!

And the Blacksmith’s wife, Rita, grows the most delicious and most aromatic tomatoes in Liepāja! If you wish to add some greens - dills, spring onions or other herbs which have been grown without any chemicals - to your meal, do not hesitate to ask! There is always something to be found in the garden!

“Kalēja māja” (Blacksmith's House) is located in a quiet street of Vecliepāja, 500 m from the sea.

The house was built in 1892. and is situated in an attic which retains the depth and peace of past times. Natural wood and herbal tea, linen sheets, fruit and vegetables from “Kalēja māja” garden will take you back to the days of your childhood lightly spent in the countryside.

We offer three separate rooms set in a traditional style, WC, shower and a kitchen where you can look after yourself.
It is possible to park a car or leave bicycles in the yard.

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Prix ą la nuit
1 personne Ls 15 (Euro 22) 
2 personnes Ls 25 (Euro 36) 
3 personnes Ls 30 (Euro 43) 

La septičme nuit est gratuite!!!
Les enfants de moins de 6 ans ne paient ps!
Les enfants entre 6 et 14 ans bénéficient de 50% de réduction!
Breakfast may be ordered as an ekstra.

8 Kalēju Street,
Liepāja, LV-3401
Ph. +371 26488200


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